Ad Interest Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to indicate and store advertising choices but also provides a view into what is used for other forms of advertising customization wherever Yahoo serves ads. Once you opt out of an interest category you will no longer receive interest-based advertising for that standard interest category.

Jan 02, 2017 Pro tip: How to opt out of interest-based ads on your Aug 07, 2014 How to opt-out of interest-based advertising online To remove targeted ads, ensure that the “Ads based on your interest” setting is switched off. Amazon: Like Google, Amazon delivers interest-based ads on its own websites as well as external ones. To eliminate this, go to and enable the setting that reads “Do Not Personalize Ads from Amazon for this Internet Browser.” Opt Out of Interest Based Advertising - Xandr

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Interest-based ads, also sometimes referred to as personalized or targeted ads, are displayed to you based on information from activities such as purchasing on our sites, visiting sites that contain Amazon content or ads, interacting with Amazon tools, or using our payment services, like Checkout by Amazon. Opt-out - RedLotus

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Interest-based (IBA) online ads: served to you based on your browsing history. There is an industry-supported opt-out process for interest-based ads (IBAs). The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) for instance has a cookie-based opt-out program for IBAs: Check-out DAA’s video on how this opt-out works: https://www