Is the internet a basic human right?

Why Internet Access Is a Human Right - Carnegie Endowment Jun 01, 2017 The Argument for Access to the Internet as a Human Right Feb 25, 2019 Is Internet access a 'fundamental right'? - CNET A proposed rule change included in a telecom reform package in the European Parliament goes way too far in declaring Internet access a fundamental right, says Matt Asay. COVID-19 exposes why access to the internet is a human right

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FCC Commissioner Says The Internet Is Not A Human Right

Jul 05, 2016 The Case for Internet Access as a Human Right “The human right to free Internet access requires of states to prevent the proliferation of technology that allows for the censorship and surveillance of online activities,” Reglitz said. Is the internet a basic human right? Is the internet a basic human right? Freedom of expression, the right to a fair trial and freedom from discrimination. These are just a few of the fundamental rights that we consider to be necessities; things that no human being should be without.