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Apr 17, 2011 [VB.NET] Connec to a VPN Server Tutorial - YouTube Jun 16, 2015 I want a VPN client and server on | VB.NET | Freelancer I want a VPN client and server on It has to be just like a to desktop aplications. The server is a application runnig on windows xp, 7 or 10. and the client will conectect to the server ip. Remember the server will be a personal computer. The client just need to set the server ip machine and that is all. Programmatically Finding, Connecting to, and Disconnecting Oct 20, 2017

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GitHub - zubairkhlid130/SurfOpenly-VPN-Client: An open SurfOpenly VPN Client. A free and open source VPN client written in VB.NET to overcome the unavailability of such softwares. SurfOpenly was a commercial product but with the release of v5, we decided to make it open source. Thus, everyone will be able to modify it and enhance its capabilities. Create a VPN Connection Programmatically Solutions I am trying to develop a call logging program in One of the things that I would like it to do would be to create, or open up, a vpn connection to a remote site and then invoke some sort of remote control program. It is the VPN bit that i am having trouble with.

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