No UDP enabled when connecting through RD Gateway Oct 02, 2015 SSL is on a Transport Layer or Application Layer - UDP - SSL - TLS - SPX When you access the website using your explorer, HTTP is at work on application layer. SSL is being used to encapsulate the HTTP traffic, at the transport layer. SSL at the transport layer encrypts the HTTP traffic coming from the application layer. Support for DTLS protocol - Citrix Docs

Jul 06, 2018

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Some datagrams may be lost or re-ordered, but unlike UDP, DTLS can detect and discard duplicated datagrams if needed. In Mbed TLS, this is controlled by the compile-time flag MBEDTLS_SSL_DTLS_ANTI_REPLAY and the run-time setting mbedtls_ssl_conf_dtls_anti_replay(), both enabled by default.

Ports used for connections - Configuration Manager Wake-up proxy also uses ICMP echo request messages from one client to another client. Clients use this communication to confirm whether the other client is awake on the network. ICMP is sometimes referred to as ping commands. ICMP doesn't have a UDP or TCP protocol number, and … tls - Why is SSL on top of TCP? - Cryptography Stack Exchange There is also a version of TLS called DTLS which operates on UDP; UDP offers unordered data packets and DTLS can be used to secure those packets. And IPSEC has already been named which can be used to implement security at the internetworking / datagram level.